Vanessa was naturally inclined as an artist even as a child, surprising people with her coloring and drawing. In high school she took art classes in drawing, as well as some classes in sculpture and pottery which she liked. Now she focuses solely on her two dimensional work.

When Vanessa was in her early 20s, she attended a WINGS program for individuals with various developmental challenges. There she enjoyed classes with an art teacher who came for a few hours every week. Vanessa has also occasionally received private art lessons.

She currently serves as a host on


“I am an artist and I do other things. I like martial arts, yoga, going on walks, circle-loop knitting and imaginary fun. I love my family and I like going on vacations. I see inspiration in pictures in books or magazines, in other people’s paintings, in the world during my life, and just in my head. I hope people feel happy when they see my art. I love to do it. I love to see people looking at it and telling me they like it. I feel happy when I do it and see it.”