Nancy Utterback
ESAI President & Instructor
Nancy Utterback has worked as a potter for the past 40 years. She studied painting from 1972 through 1976
and along the way discovered pottery. In 1975 she opened her first studio and has gained a reputation as
a nationally sought-after potter and master ceramics instructor. She has experience both with teaching pottery
and presenting workshops across the US. In 2015 she became the director of the Pottery Lab for Studio Arts Boulder
and in 2016 she began creating East Side Art Institute.
Instagram: @utterback.nancy

Anna Valenti
ESAI Social Media Manager & Instructor
Anna Valenti is a ceramic artist working in Longmont, Colorado. She received her BA from the University of Colorado Boulder
in 2014, practiced there again in 2017 as a ceramics post-baccalaureate student, and in 2020 received her MFA from the
Maine College of Art. She weaves and pinches clay vessels ranging from pots to chairs to screens. Her research is in fiber clay bodies.
Instagram: @annamarievalenti