Vanessa Cox of Loveland, Colorado says she has been interested in art “since I was a little kid.” She was naturally inclined and would surprise her family with her coloring and drawing as a young child. In high school Vanessa joined Art Classes to further her artistic development.

“I’m an artist,’ she said, “and I do other things. I like martial arts, yoga, going on walks, and imaginary fun. I’m retired from working at the Arc in Loveland. I love to organize my stuff.

I love to help at home, and I especially like doing the laundry and helping to cook. I love myfamily. I like going on vacations. I like going out with different [support] providers. I love my TV shows, and after watching all the episodes, then I love to find new ones. I order them by myself.” She also enjoys circle-loop-knitting and interacting with friends.

Vanessa has taken some classes in pottery and sculpture. For awhile she took dance and was in a performance in Berthoud, but she isn’t involved with those things anymore. However, she does like to listen to music.

Inspiration for her artwork sometimes comes “from pictures in books or magazines, and other people’s paintings.” Vanessa also sees inspiration “in the world during my life, and just in my head.”

Vanessa makes art because she loves it. “I love to see people looking at it and telling me they like it.” She hopes people feel happy when they see her art because she feels happy when she creates art and sees the finished piece.

Her advice for young people interested in art is, “Just do it!”

I think that’s good advice for any of us, no matter our age.
Thank you, Vanessa!

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