Page Zekonis, originally from Washington, DC, holds an MFA in painting/mixed media from Maryland Institute of Art and a BFA in photography from Rochester Institute of Technology. She works primarily with oil paint, often combining it with other mediums including wax, clay and drawing. Her work reflects her interest in the pull of memory, place and family lore. Page founded her teaching studio, Open Window Studio, in 2005 where she teaches art to all ages and levels.


When my son was little we would go for walks and mark off a square foot in the ground and discover the world that lived in that square. Painting is a similar process for me – a discovery process that plays with the intersection of real, remembered and imagined. Most of my work happens in the studio inspired by a memory, sketch or photograph. I build the surface of a painting over time, letting the subject evolve and change until I find a clarity, balance or an answer.