Red Feather Woman aka Rose Red Elk is from Ft. Peck Reservation in Eastern Montana. She is an enrolled member of the Assiniboine/Sioux tribes, and is a Traditional – Inspirational Native American storyteller, producer, author and artist, creator of fine art dream catchers. Red Feather Woman is an award-winning recording artist: Native American Music Awards – Spoken Word, and Best Folk Recording. She has toured internationally as well as throughout the US, blending the old with the new, weaving the oral storytelling with teaching vital lessons of values and spirituality of interconnectedness for all human spirits. Her most important duty is the preservation of an ancient culture, inspiring and giving hope to all people. Her latest work is the release of her 4th album- “Keepers of the Wisdom-Healing Stories and Meditations”


As an accomplished artist in many mediums, I love every piece of art I produce, whether it is a new song, a new story, or a new dream catcher. I am grateful for the choice to leave corporate America to pursue the arts. Since 1997, I’ve done some incredible projects as well as earned a living through all my art forms.

One of the most important aspects of being creative for me is meditation. Through this action of being still, you are allowing the energy to flow from other realms from your spirit helpers, and your Creator. When I receive inspiration, I will begin a new project. One of the art mediums I do to keep the energy flow moving is picking up a dream catcher and start to weave. It is very common for me to pick up a dream catcher for awhile, then turn to my guitar to rehearse or just play.

The materials for the dream catchers are from the “hunt” for unique stones, crystal beads, centerpieces, and leather. I try to find different things to make each one unique. As a writer of stories and music, I just get out of the way and allow what comes through. Usually, I’m amazed at what I created.