Driving east on Erie Parkway about a month ago, heading toward I-25 I saw these three signs. “The Reason For Living Is Giving” A simple message I couldn’t stop thinking about.

I drive this road more often than I would like to admit, but each time I passed these signs I was reminded of the multiple levels of meaning and how the emotion from these few words filled my heart. I think about these signs over and over, as I’m driving, when I’m doing chores, working in my studio or when I’m alone and things are quiet.

My life has always been about me trying to give something back. The first words out of my mouth are almost always “how can I help” and “what can I do”. Being involved with East Side Art Institute has been a complicated journey, but the underlying message is that I want to give back to my community. I want to support those around me, I want to give my energy and my mind and my life for the pursuit of things that matter, and of course everything matters.

We give every day in many different ways and in that giving, our lives are enriched. They have meaning and we give hope to ourselves and to others.

I hope you find joy when you give to others, to causes, and to those things that make life worth living. May your life be filled with giving and gratitude.