Would you like to grow fresh herbs and vegetables but have limited space for a garden? Is your time or physical ability limited for maintaining a traditional ground level garden? Are you wanting ways to recycle yard and kitchen scraps or newspaper and cardboard? Are you worried about your water supply for a garden? To relieve your concerns, a keyhole garden may be just right for you!

A keyhole garden is a raised bed garden, typically circular, and easily accessible. With this design you can maximize yield in a limited space and can reduce water usage. Keyhole gardens can be constructed from a variety of materials, usually inexpensive or even free, and are built to the height that is most comfortable for you.

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Keyhole gardens incorporate a compost cage in the center which can be made from sticks, wire mesh or other materials. Organic matter such as manure, vegetable scraps, and even greywater can go into the central compost container. The garden is watered through this area, and as water moves through the decomposing matter, it carries the compost richness and moisture straight to the roots of the plants. As the organic matter breaks down, the container gradually becomes filled with rich compost which can then be removed and spread over the surface of the garden.

Images: www.concernusa.org

Sources below used for this blog article provide background information and more details:

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This next link provides two printable pages giving simple comprehensive details, adaptable to whatever materials you use for creating your keyhole garden. The information on the drainage and bottom layers is especially helpful.
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These last two links provide the most simple steps, but are shorter on details, especially for the drainage area.
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