For Women’s History Month, we are highlighting contemporary women artists and offering a selection of links to theirs and other artists’ works.

We hope you enjoy this Artist Buffet.

Polly Verity: The Unbelievable Practice of Paper Art


Shout Out Colorado: Nancy Utterback interview

Nancy Utterback, ceramic artist and founder of East Side Art Institute

Excerpt from:
“Becoming Water,” an essay by Makshya Tolbert

“I begin seeing this in all of myself: my work with clay, the poems that want to be made through me, new forms of enchantment that take me elsewhere.

In clay, I find another portal, a place to float between “our undoings and our becoming.” Working with water and clay, I honor centuries of intuiting with clay, before there was an Atlantic to cross. I hold how the Middle Passage tried to rub all of that away, sink us and our tools into erasure. Clay becomes a portal, a remembering project, a blueprint. A way to transmute violence into healing practice. A way to make the “future in the now.”

In one moment, I slip wet clay through my hands and let it take shape between them. My mind reaches for the craftsmanship of David Drake, an enslaved Black potter who made thousands of pots throughout his life while enslaved at Pottersville and across the district of Edgefield, South Carolina. In reaching, I remember Drake’s carving on one vessel in particular, on which he inscribed, “I wonder where is all my relations.

And I am always taken back to water.”


5 Contemporary Textile Artists to Celebrate During Women’s History Month


Portuguese artist Vanessa Barragão produces homages to the ocean.

Coral Garden


Women’s History Month: 5 Exceptional Female Artists From Past To Present history-month-5-exceptional-female-artists-from-past-to-present/?sh=5ed333547119

STREET IN MOSCOW, 1909 by Natalia Goncharova, sold for 6,354,500 USD at a Sotheby’s auction in 2011


7 Women Artists Who Changed History

Georgia O’Keeffe

Blue and Green Music 1921


African American Artists

Aaron Douglas, Into Bondage, 1936, oil on canvas, Corcoran Collection (Museum Purchase and partial gift from Thurlow Evans Tibbs, Jr., The Evans-Tibbs Collection), 2014.79.17


Horizons, a film by Jeffrey Seifert

This 20 minute film is a tribute to the life and work or Barry Lopez, celebrated author who detailed moral and natural landscapes in our imagination for decades. Through archival footage and an interview conducted shortly before his death on 12/25/2020, Barry shares what drove him toward new horizons so that he might help our culture find balance with the living earth.